September 15, 2018 5 min read

Traveling is an awesome way to unwind, do business and expand one’s network. It is, however, impossible to travel when one has limited time and money. It, therefore, follows that one needs to make up more time and more money for them to be able to travel as they wish. Note that traveling as you wish requires freedom. If you are stuck in your 9-5 job five days a week, you certainly have limited time to travel. With limited time, come limited finances. If you reflect a bit on all the people you know, those with fixed schedules are more broke than those with flexible schedules. The reason is simple; having a flexible schedule allows you to focus on the most important and most productive things in your life. This article explores ways in which people can free more time, make more money and then be able to travel as they wish.

Free more time

Note that it is not about creating more time but freeing more time. We all have 24 hours in a day. It is impossible to create more time than that in one’s schedule. If you are the kind of people who are interested in personal development, you must have read articles on what things to cut from your schedule to free more time. You have heard things like watch less of the TV, carry lunch to work instead of going out to eat and the likes. This article is not about those kinds of tactics. It is about a vigorous shake-up of your daily activities to free more time for yourself. With more time at your hands, it will be time to figure out what things you can do to get more money into your account.

The first and the most effective way to free more time for an ambitious person is to quit the 9-5 programmed schedule and make it one’s own. It is not easy, but it will save you more than 11 hours each day. It will save you 8 hours of working in an office, an average of two hours commuting and another two hours that you use to prepare to leave for work each morning. This is all that this article is about. What would you not do with an extra 11 hours each day? You can use that time to start a business, expand one that you already have, prepare healthier meals, workout more, learn more, network more, travel more and ultimately live a more fulfilling life. Neil Fiore, a Psychologist in California, says that when we devote more time to the things we love we get to achieve more. Compare the list of the things you can do out of the 9-5 work with the things you do at your current 9-5 work. What would you rather be doing? If you would rather remain in the 9-5 job, this article is not for you. If you want the freedom of having your own time and doing your own things, then read the next section on how to make more money with the freed up time.

Make more money

Why do we have extremely rich people in the world, middle class and the poor? Well, there can be as numerous factors as all of you may want to give. This article will, however, focus on the time factor and how it makes some rich and others poor. Gone are the days when we used to talk about closed economies, landlocked countries and other factors that cut certain nations from the global economy. Even for countries that currently try to close their economies to the rest of world cannot fully restrict their citizens from interacting with the rest of the world. Thanks to the internet and the ease in global travel.

With the internet, it is possible to work from anywhere in the world and get paid. You can live in Bali and serve clients in the US who pay you via global money transfer platforms such as PayPal and Payoneer. Apart from being able to serve clients from any corner of the globe, you also enjoyed a flexible schedule. You choose when to work. Over and above, you can choose who to serve, where to serve them from, and if you build a brand for yourself you can also determine the rates at which you get paid. Now, is that not a better way to make more money that in the 9-5 job?

There are numerous ways in which you can make more money apart from being in the 9-5 traditional box. There are online and offline ways in which you can do that. You can use the 11+ hours freed from the 9-5 job to work on creating your business empire. Learn from the gurus in the area you wish to join and let them mentor you on how to build your own empire. It won’t be easy at the beginning. It may take months or even years before you can fully establish yourself. I, however, believe it is more fulfilling in the end than if you remain stuck in your formal job. What would you prefer: stay put in the 9-5 job and get a salary increment of 10% each year or quit and struggle for five years to build your own empire from which you enjoy all the benefits? Note that your empire can be inherited by your children and their children, but when you retire from the 9-5 job, you only get your benefits and that marks the end of the story.

This article was just to trigger a thought in you that you need to claim back your time to live a more fulfilling life. We shall share ways of making more money in other articles that we shall be posting from time to time. Be on the lookout not to miss any. Meanwhile, you can do a little exploration for yourself. You can also contact us for any guidance.

Travel more

This one does not require any explanation. With more time and more money, what will limit you from traveling the world as you would wish? With money you can pay for any travel means you wish to use. You can pay for hotels and any other related expenses. With time and a flexible schedule, you can travel to the Bahamas and still catch up with your clients. Simply, sort out the first two and this third one will come automatically. Resolve to regain your freedom and let’s travel the world together.